It's easy to make a paper windmill in the class room or at home, using a square of paper, scissors, a pin, and a stick of wood. If you like you can also decorate your windmill so it looks even better when its spinning in the wind!
Windmills have been used in many countries to turn heavy stones that grind corn or wheat, or to pump water. Nowadays tall windmills use the wind to make electricity.
Fold the 10cm square of paper from corner to corner, and cut along the dotted lines, stopping 1cm from the centre. Fold the corner with the black dot into the middle.
Carefully push the pin through the centre. The pin should have a small piece of card at the head, and its best to have a piece of rubber or a bead behind the windmill to stop it rubbing against the stick.
Use paper from a glossy magazine or decorate it yourself, or see if you can make a windmill with six wings from a hexagon!